Customer Focused Management ( CFM ) version 1.0


CFM system is developed to get response and feedback from general customer relating on services, environment, cleanliness, cheerfulness and more. Totally using a computerized technology, it helped on services and infrastructure improvement plan for jabatan and agencies in order to ensure service quality constantly improves.



  • Easy to use 
    Step of uses and management is easy and simple. Adapting with a touch screen making it more interactive and effective.
  • Brought together IBOARD ( Sistem Paparan Digital )
    In accordance with many formats of media (e.g : text, RSS, audio, video and streaming) and nowadays web content from the internet, it can be combined in one screen.
  • Diversity of creative display
    System allows user to create and design the layout without limit.
  • Effectiveness increased 
    Can impact on presentation to be more quick, good, focus and detail.
  • Maximizing the advantages of Digital
    Can easily change the data and media digitally, without using any printed media. 


  • Totally using an Open-Sourced Web-Based Solution
  • Easy to use
  • User friendly touch screen 
  • Full screen adjustment
  • Totally using Adobe Flash
  • Dynamically screen management
  • Supporting animation 
  • Digital screen through Internet
  • Adapting "One Stop Management Center"
  • Come with Sistem Paparan Digital (iBoard)
  • Online screen management
  • Bringing Multimedia and information into your hand

Purpose Of Use

  • Customer Service Counter
  • Room and waiting space
  • Banking Instituition
  • Education Institution
  • Government Agency
  • Corporate Agency
  • Private Agency
  • Kiosk Counter
  • Platform and public transportaion
  • Hotel
  • Restaurant
  • Toilet
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