iCamReplicator 1.0



iCamReplicator is a software that allows user to download surveillance video footage from the CCTV's Network video Recorder (NVR) without interfering the NVR of the CCTV's Management Software Operation.

The iCamReplicator will duplicate exactly what being recorded in other words the raw data being preserved without any file format conversion for a mush reliable integrity and security.

The spirit of the iCamReplicator is to replicate the recorded video hassle into various secondary storage devices such as :

  • Network Attached Storage (NAS)
  • Storage Area Network (SAN)
  • Removable Mass Storage (RMS)
  • Solid State Drive(SSD)
  • External Hard Disk
  • Usb Flash Drive


  • Schedule download
  • Bulk download 
  • Selective camera for download(only selected camera will have its video downloaded)
  • Make a copy to DAS /NAS/SAN/SSD External Hard Disk/Backup Tape/ Storage Server
  • Download original recording format without any alteration
  • Notification for insufficient amount of storage space (storage near full notification)
  • Downloads will be group by CCTV's camera and recorder
  • Minimal system requirements for installation
  • Download from multiple Network Video Recorder(NVR) 
  • Operates as a standalone solution parallel with NVR recording without any interference
  • Maintains raw data format from NVR
  • Download operation can be Pause and Resume
  • Audit log feature


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